New Blog Location

9 11 2011

Just a note to let everyone know that my blog is moving over to my new website ( You can check it out here and be sure to stay tuned in for new posts



2 10 2011

My senior project film “Flora” is finally up online – enjoy!

Demo Reel September 2011

2 10 2011

An updated reel


7 09 2011

Some beach photos from the summer

Art of Disguise

3 09 2011

Second doodle united theme: Art of Disguise. I know this doesn’t follow the theme that closely, but my mind went from disguises, to masks, to facepaint, to this…. so I’m saying it fits! Check out the other submissions here

Doodle United

3 09 2011

A group of people that I went to school with have decided to start up a drawing group called “Doodle United.” Basically it will be a mini version of Drawer Geeks. We get a theme, and have 2 weeks to make something. We’ve tried doing similar things like this in the past, but everyone always got too busy with school and they tended to die off. Hopefully now that we are all graduated we’ll have a little more time to keep it going! Since I’m not going back to school this fall, and not doing anything remotely artistic in my job, this will be a good way for me to keep practicing and trying to improve! Our first theme was a logo for the group. I didn’t have the time to pretty it up on the computer, but here’s my sketch. Check out the other submissions here

Animation Block Party

3 08 2011

I was very excited to find out that my senior project film entitled “Flora” was accepted into the Animation Block Party Summerfest in NYC this summer! The festival is the largest animation festival on the East Coast, and my film was in the top 100 of over 650 entries (accompanied by Huntington University’s “Minstrel and the Duck”)! It was part of the “Animation for Kids” program that played on Friday and Sunday afternoon. It was definitely a big surprise to get in, but I was obviously super excited to have it accepted. Makes it feel like all the long hours and sleepless nights were worth it after all! The festival was this last weekend, but NYC is an expensive place for a student so I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend (weird to think about how many people have seen it now!)  Now I’m just really crossing my fingers that maybe it’ll get into the Seattle or Chicago Childrens Festivals so I would be able to be there to see it (and have a great excuse to visit all my Midwest friends!).  Hopefully the film will be online in the very near future, but you can see a synopsis at: